Raiz da Aventura founded on 2003 New Race created in 2013 The history of our brand although short, already counts with a lot of experience. New Race trademark of Nova Corrida was born in 2013 in Brenha Portugal, a family business founded by a cycling lover, with more than 10 years of experience in wheel assembly, and distributor of world-renowned brands in Portugal.
Rui Silva founder of Raiz da Aventura decided to create the first product of New Race out of necessity, due to the unreliability of some products from other brands represented by Raiz da Aventura, and for that reason a product with the best components available was created, reliable, lightweight and highly competitive.
The first component created, the New Race Hub ensured an early success of the brand, a light and at the same time reliable product, tested extensively by professional athletes in order to ensure their performance under the harshest conditions that the final consumer can submit.
Due to reliability, quality and low weight recognized by consumers, New Race started growing exponentially, leading to the creation of a highly competitive complete wheelset of low weight and high reliability. New Race proven quality ensured the market leadership in Portugal in a short period of time, attracting the interest of other markets such as Spain, Belgium, Italy, France, England and Germany.
New Race range has grown, from a simple xco hub to a complete range in mountain and road, aluminum and carbon wheelset ready to race in just a short period of time.
New Race has ambitious plans for the future with high expectations in the rest of the world market, to take New Race to every corner of the world.






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