Carbon Backbone

Reinforced side walls of the clincher rim, making them 90% stronger than a normal carbon rim.


Unidirectional Carbon

UD carbon wheels, the most resistant carbon with a lower weight. A perfect balance between lateral and vertical stiffness.


Reinforced Carbon Strip

Reinforced rims in the most demanding places,such as the spoke holes. Able to maintain an higher tension, reducing the risk of the spoke going through the rim due to strong impacts.


Basalt Brake Surface

Basalt Brake Surface, for greater control and duration on extreme temperatures. Resistant to deformation by continuous braking.


Tubeless Ready

Rims designed for greater traction and sealing, with New Race tubeless kit, valves and tape.



Spokes with titanium weight, stronger and more flexible than aluminum, used by top athletes from around the world.


9/12 Easy Swap

Axles easy to change from 9mm to 12mm and vice-versa.


9/15 Easy Swap

Axles easy to change from 9mm to 15mm and vice-versa.


Offset Rim

Offset spoke holes for a better triangulation and balance of tensions in a wheel build, resulting in a stronger, stiffer, and more reliable wheel.


Hookless rim

Hookless rim with a more reliable seal for tubeless applications, a higher impact strength, performance gains and lower weight.


TPI Bearings

Technology and precision on stainless steel bearing for a longer duration.


Sealed Bearings

Sealed bearings with low maintenance and high precision.


Predictive Steering

High stiffness and accuracy hub to reduce the torsion of the famous inverted suspension of Rockshox, resulting in a highly responsive wheel.


Asymmetric Integration

Compatibility with the innovative asymmetrical system of Cannondale, increasing substantially the stiffness of the rear wheel.


Angled Side Halls

Flanges with angle, directing the spokes directly to the rim, allowing them to be perfectly aligned when in tension, increasing its durability.


Lifetime Crash Replacement

Do not let an accident stop you with the New Race replacement program, keep rolling with our wheels for a lower price.



Significant increase in stiffness with the increase of the distance of the flanges. A 29er with the stiffness of a 27.5 and 27.5 with a 26 stiffness.


High Temperature Resistant Epoxy

Carbon rims with epoxy resistant to high temperatures. Maintains its strength, avoiding deformations of aggressive and continuous braking.


High Response Ratchet

New ratchet system of high performance from New Race, greater contact with 150 teeth, resulting in instantaneous engagement.


Lefty Family

Compatibility with Lefty 1.0 and Lefty 2.0


Textured Carbon Brake Track

Advanced high-temp resin system eliminates heat build-up issues during heavy braking on long descents. More branking power with same lever force.


Toothed Coupling

The pedaling power is instantly passed to the wheel, increasing efficiency and performance. It’s a top performace and reliability design.







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